The Realistic Fiction of Haruki Murakami..

Murakami - Norwegian Wood

Murakami is one of most famous Japanese writers; just type Best Japanese Novels in Google, and you’ll get a long list of Murakami’s books stuffed around few other writers. He wrote in Japanese and translated so many English written books to Japanese since he has been affected by many foreign writers and that made him almost always accused of being too international and not Japanese enough. A thing that I used to struggle with when I first started reading his works; I wanted to know some Japanese manners, street names and culture, things other than the characters hard to pronounce names; I wanted geographical, historical, cultural themes of Japan other than the subways and the isolated life patterns, something more than foreign writers’ quotes, but I couldn’t find any of that. You see Murakami isn’t your type of tourist guide; he is not going to make you cry over the Hiroshima bomb or make you want to visit Japan, he won’t care to teach you few Japanese vocabularies or even clarify his culture to you; what he will do instead is; testing you, testing your morals and your understanding of life or anything at all. The characters in his novels, I found, are always looking for some life’s meaning, for love, a belief, they are lonely individuals who seem to be experiencing life differently.

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