About me


My name is Malak Alrashed. I was born in May 1991. I worship words and stories. I wrote poems pretty often and sometimes I talk to myself about the stories I have in my head. I’ve never shared any of my writings with anyone. Only recently, however, I had the courage to share what I’m writing publicly as I came to realise that there is no other way for me to escape the demons in my head. I really could not help it not to write. And after all, I had to contribute something to the world I loved so much; the world of books and stories. Looking at it from a far distance is what I have been doing for a long time, now it’s time to walk myself in there. I know I will stumble but it doesn’t matter.

I have loved English Poetry since the first time I watched Dead Poets Society (yes) but never thought I could fully understand it or even write something that could be categorised as along. The poets I read were either pretentious with so many hard words or just too clear and too simple. I knew that neither of the two was the poetry I liked. I wanted metaphors, time travel, confessions and struggle. I only found what I was looking for when I started reading Sylvia Plath’s poetry. She taught me that language can be used in such a simple way and yet sends complex and deep meanings. I love her and I owe her a lot of my writing. So, out of love, I bought a little notebook and started to write my own poems. I dedicated it to her.

You can find pages of the notebook at the end of each poem post or in my Instagram account (under #bookache hashtag).

I love myths and metaphors -way too much- and I always express my feelings through them, I am vegan, feminist, eldest in the family, I’m woking on a film that will be released soon, among my favorite writers are Oscar Wilde, Virgina Woolf and Shakespeare, I’m shy in person, tea over coffee, indie music over pop music, books over parties.

I also share my poems in Poeticous

So.. yes. Here I am. Trying to write poetry.