M Train by Patti Smith

patti smiths II

Patti Smith is an incredible writer. She’s such an iconic musician and a very interesting person and all that awesomeness is magnified when she writes. Seriously the amount of her coolness and intellectuality is very admirable and she won’t sound pretentious for reading so many books and knowing so many cool people, she’s just a lovely poet who artistically reflects modern life. She will take you for a walk in her favourite cafes in NY to daydream with her, she will describe the beaches for you and you will almost feel the breeze and the smell of the sea. She doesn’t stop there; Patti also challenges time; yes, you will listen to her talking with the dead. The dead are the writers who influenced her and spoke to her: Mrabet, Bowles, Aira, Bolaño, Burroughs, Rimbaud, Plath, Mishima, Murakami and Bulgakov are almost present and alive. She visits them and talks about them.. With them.

She also masters her words so well; like she can make an old dusty bar seem magical; a room in a Hotel is a scene from a classical avant-garde film, the objects are stories to tell and the places are here for her to experience. Things are NOT just things with Patti; she’s a Buddha who writes proses and verses about normal things and turns them into a guide, a new way of seeing things. A pictorial sort of writing. She makes time stops.

And at last, you won’t hate her because she writes better than you, you will love her because she’s only teaching you to be even better for she will teach you how to feel.

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